Night's Watch

Sword in the Darkness

What we are

  • the men and women of the night's watch
  • protectors of the realm
  • keepers of light
  • judges of fire

What we do

  1. We protect innocents
  2. We kill outlaws
  3. We fight for lord of the light
  4. We help everyone who needs help, whenever they deserve
  5. We pay attention to be organized
  6. We serve the folk, we follow the lord commander

What we don't

  1. We don't assault innocents
  2. We don't give up the fight
  3. We don't fight for the goods
  4. We never leave our brothers and sisters behind
    except we are not in a rescue mission
  5. We don't discuss the orders
  6. And we don't talk too much


Night Gathers, and now the watch begins. It shall not end until Celador lives in peace and harmony.

I will not earn any honor or win any goods. I will live and die for the innocents. I will fight night for night until our last men die. I will let no brother and sister behind.

We are the Law of the Light and Darkness. We are the shields that guards the realms of men. We are one Army, to guide the Light through the Shadows.

Join us!

Well... At least you can try.


Pcodea Xonos

Lord Commander


First Builder


First Ranger

Councillor Three


Councillor Four